100% all natural, organic, and vegan friendly skin care products that moisturize and exfoliate your skin leaving you feeling soft and glowing.

This all started with a small gift I was giving to a group of wonderful self-sacrificing friends. I wanted to make a cream that was simple but made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. The challenge came when those amazing ingredients either felt heavy on the skin, oily or absorb so quickly that you need to reapply several times a day. After many alterations to the recipe and my husband lovingly donating his arm as a test subject, I finally found the perfect blend!

The Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs are made with the same care as my Nourishing Cream. Why sugar and not salt? For many reasons! The main one is that it burns if you have any cuts or scratches on your skin. The other concern with the sugar scrub is that it can either be too oily or too rough. Once again, with help from my close family and friends, I have found a recipe that exfoliates and leaves your skin soft and glowing.

My newest product, Renewing Soaking Salts, was made for all my bath lovers and ones who love a good foot soak.  I combined three powerful salts to make it a soak that helps detox, hydrate, sooth, relax, and rejuvenate your body and mind.  It consists of Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, and Pink Himalayan Salt with a touch of jojoba oil and a unique blend of essential oils.  My customers have said it helped relieve their eczema, nasal congestion, muscle soreness, and skin irritations, just to name a few.  On top of the fact that their skin feels so soft with a beautiful glow after.  My favorite of all is when parents tell me that they put it in their child's bath to help them calm down and sleep well. 

I truly hope you enjoy my products as much as I love making them. I want everyone to be able to enjoy my products, so I work hard to keep my products at an affordable price.  I thank you for your support and please know I will never sacrifice quality for a profit! I package in glass jars or PET, BPA free containers to keep the purity of my products. Standard packaging is glass.

All of my products are vegan-friendly. I’m very familiar with sensitivities and allergies so I provide a variety of scents. I am willing to customize your order using all essential oils, but not fragrances, which have chemical elements. I care too much about the health and well being of my family, friends, and of all those who love using my revitalizing skin care.
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