Nourishing Cream 3 Pack - Mix & Match


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Choose three scents of your choice! Each cream is packed in a 2 oz. travel size jar. Upon ordering, please message me with your choice(s).

Scents Available:

Autumn Leaves
A Walk in the Woods
Calming Lavender
Energize Your Day
Harmonizing Eucalyptus
Peaceful Jasmine
Purely Unscented
Refreshing Lemongrass
Soothing Peppermint
Spiced Pumpkin
Sweet Citrus
Tropical Coconut
Warm Cinnamon Spice
Warm Vanilla

Reviews (3)


I absolutely love the product you get for the price! It shipped very quickly and it was packaged safely. The scents are light and refreshing, not overpowering like many products I've tried. I love the natural glow it leaves on my skin and it looks like it has evened out my skin as well. I'm very sensitive to creams with a scent and I had no problems with these. My whole family has tried at least one scrub and cream and are highly satisfied. A week hasn't even gone by and we all can see a difference being made. I personally have been using the lemongrass line and it is so refreshing.

Simply awesome product! Leaves my skin feeling really soft and smells amazing. Shipping was fast and the seller was super responsive. I couldn't resist and ordered four different scents, I loved the variety. I will be ordering again after my supply runs out.

Scents are simply amazing! I got the following: Lemongrass (very earthy with uplifting notes) Tropical Coconut (my other was was gifted to a friend who wondered what the lotion was that I was wearing since it smelled like ‘vacation’) Peaceful Jasmine (floral without being too heavy. Reminds me of Spring) Alli added a little sample, all wrapped up in a cute package, of Lavender. Yeah gotta get more of that! Very spa & calming! ❤️ Love all of the scents so far plus the actual lotion being creamy and easy to use!

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